Finding The Right Treatment Center

Even a quick search of drug and alcohol facilities proves that every treatment center is different and every treatment center claims to have the keys to success.  However, what sets one facility apart and makes it attractive to one client may not be as effective for another client.  But, all great treatment centers should have a few things in common – and that is where you should begin the process of identifying the best treatment facility for you.  Nearly all treatment centers will claim to use the latest in evidence-based treatment practices, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), individual and group counseling, relapse prevention, motivational therapy and peer support.  But how those treatment modalities are implemented, and whether they are tailored for each individual client, and whether the client understands his or her role in the treatment process is more important than the particular modalities.  It’s imperative that you look deeper than a facility’s promotional and marketing material.

Don’t be fooled by a treatment center’s advertised or published “success rate” or that a treatment center claims to follow up with patients after they leave treatment to prove how effective their care was.  Those numbers are often meaningless and can easily be manipulated.  Look for a treatment facility that can prove their patients experience the ideal conditions for treatment and recovery and that is committed to an ethos of measurement-based care.   Does the treatment facility you’re considering: 

  • set clear expectations for the client and his or her role in the treatment process? 
  • ensure that each client has the skills necessary to meet his or her treatment goals?
  • provide for positive affirmations and rewards and recognition when clients meet their treatment goals?
  • ensure each client has an individual at the facility that they trust and can go to in times of need?

And, the most important question . . . can the treatment centers prove it?  Do they collect data and feedback from clients and do they respond to that data and use it to tailor treatment interventions and protocols?  

Every treatment center listed in our industry-leading “Best In Treatment” database is committed to patient care and success while patients are still in treatment . . . not just in reporting their “outcomes” after they leave.  Each facility has adopted a more scientific and evidence-based approach and is utilizing a “measurement-based care” tool that allows clients, clinicians, and families to know, confidently, that patients are receiving the best treatment possible tailored especially for them!

Our Trusted partners

Akasha Recovery

Cardiff, California

Akasha is an intimate alcohol and drug addiction recovery center just outside San Diego. Contact Mike O’Reilly at 888-228-0555.

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Next Step Recovery

Asheville, North Carolina

Next Step Recovery is an outpatient program for men located in picturesque Asheville, North Carolina. Contact Susan at 828-350-9960.

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Transforming Life Center

Yorba Linda, California

TLC provides a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual transformation to its clients. Contact Siamak at 818-590-0134 for more info.

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We’re extremely proud to help thousands of patients and their loved ones in dozens of treatment facilities each year.  Our mission is to help anyone struggling with addiction or mental health issues find the right treatment providers that meet their individual needs and provide the most effective and best possible treatment!

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