Intervening and helping those suffering from addiction and other destructive disorders and behaviors is not as mysterious as some would have you believe. Provide individuals with lots of opportunities to practice clearly understood and appropriate skills with timely and specific feedback in an environment that is positive and consistent, and magic can happen.  Over 20 years of research has isolated four conditions, that when present, help ensure success and sustained recovery. 

  • Clear Expectations for Performance
  • Building Skills Necessary to Meet Expectations
  • Rewards & Recognition for Meeting Expectations
  • Relationships Exemplifying Trust and Respect

After evaluating over 3,000 organizations with data from millions of respondents, including nearly 100,000 decision-making professionals, one thing is clear: the best treatment centers, that provide the best and most effective services to their clients, regularly collect feedback from their clients – and respond appropriately – to ensure the conditions for success and sustained recovery are present for each and every client. 

Top performing treatment centers are committed to collecting, analyzing and responding to data from their clients.  Doing so allows facilities to Know More; Do More.  Thus, all of the facilities identified by Best In Treatment are committed to creating the conditions for sustained recovery for each of their clients and using that information to Know More; Do More. Our partner facilities have access to meaningful, actionable data in real time, and as such, can make changes and tailor treatment in ways that no other facility can!!

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