key questions to ask about measurement-based care

according to the Kennedy Forum

All “behavioral health providers treating mental health and substance use disorders should implement a system of measurement-based care whereby validated symptom rating scales are completed by patients and reviewed by clinicians during encounters. Measurement-based care will help providers determine whether the treatment is working and facilitate treatment adjustments, consultations, or referrals for higher intensity services when patients are not improving.”

Because measurement-based care is a powerful tool for improving clinical treatment and outcomes, Best In Treatment joins the Kennedy Forum in strongly endorsing the use of measurement-based care and the systematic use of validated tools for monitoring patient progress and tracking outcomes.  

Measurement-based care unequivocally leads to increased patient engagement and better clinical outcomes.  Yet, many treatment centers resist adopting these increased systematic requirements . . . likely because it will expose the flaws in the treatment in their facilities.  Prospective clients should ask all potential treatment facilities about their measurement-based care efforts and ask to see results of their ongoing patient progress monitoring efforts.  If the facilities can’t provide you with an acceptable response, run! 

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