Addiction, Recovery & Sobriety Resources

Selecting a drug and alcohol treatment facility is one of the most important decisions you can make.  And, it’s even harder with all of the thousands of treatment centers each touting their best qualities and characteristics.  Below is a list of resources the Best In Treatment team hopes will help you and your loved ones in making such important, life-changing decisions.

Recovery Today Magazine

Recovery Today Magazine is a magazine of hope and the Number 1 addiction, sobriety, and recovery magazine in the industry.  At Best In Treatment, we’re thrilled to have their support and are grateful to support all the wonderful things the team at Recovery Today is accomplishing.

Visit recovery today magazine

Thankfully, there are incredible organizations and associations across the country advocating for better and more effective treatment.  Below are a few organizations you can contact if you or a loved one need help!

Counseling and Licensing Organizations

Journals, Articles & Newsletters

There are numerous journals, articles and newsletters devoted to improving substance use disorder treatment through more effective and efficient programming, utilizing measurement-based care, and creating the conditions for successful sobriety.  Below are a few of Best In Treatment’s recommendations!